New Obsession: Jeggings

My favorite pair of jeggings! ($48 at Abercrombie and Fitch)

Jeggings:  defined as a cross between leggings and jeans.  They feel like leggings, but essentially look like a pair of skinny jeans.

Here are some tips on how to wear this new trend:

1.  Make sure you feel comfortable in jeggings so you can rock them at their full potential!  Try on a few pairs from various stores to see which ones you like the best.

2.  One major benefit of jeggings is that since they are like jeans, you don’t have to cover your butt like you would normally do with leggings, meaning you can pair them with anything you like!

(Just remember the cardinal rule of fashion: if you are wearing a tighter shirt, wear looser pants; if you are wearing looser pants, wear a tighter shirt, [the same rule goes for amount of skin showing].  Make sure your body is balanced out to achieve the most flattering look.)  Following that rule, since jeggings are so tight, I personally like to wear them with a looser shirt.  My favorite jeggings outfit is my navy off the shoulder short-sleeve sweater paired with my dark jeggings and flip flops :)

Now, I may be a biased resource because I work at there, but I personally like Abercrombie and Fitch’s jeggings the best.  (The picture is the exact pair that I own!)  In stores and online right now, they have a few different styles of jeggings along with different washes (and they’re reasonably priced! Perfect for my college budget).  Check them out!:


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10 of the Hottest Fashion Trends for Summer 2010


10 Key Looks:

1. Hot Pants and Boy Shorts:

Hemlines have crept up this summer, making this a great time to start hitting the gym!

2. Knee High and Over the Knee Socks:

When it comes to this style, you have many options! From sporty to sparkly, to layering of socks over tights, this trend is sure to make a statement

3. Warrior:

Military and tribal trends collide to make this a fierce look! Try leather tunics, metal plating, and war paint on clothing

4. High Dress Splits:

This is a new take on the mini skirt, a little more classy with a touch of sexiness

5. Sportswear:

Inspirations are taken from football, scuba diving, dance, and the 1920′s tennis look

6. Sci-fi and Futurism:

Possibilities of evolution are now mainstream

7. Jumpsuits, Playsuits, and Rompers (my personal favorite):

Keep accessories and other items to a minimum when wearing this one piece-r

8. Patterned and Printed Pants:

Popular print options include floral, striped, and abstract

9. See Through and Sheer Fabrics:

Get a little more revealing, but keep it cool yet sexy

10. Boyfriend Blazer:

A simple way to look chic; pick a slightly oversized jacket or blazer and roll up the sleeves

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